Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Music Video Finale

This is the final project of my middle school media class. It's a music video... again. This year we're doing Nice Guys by the YouTuber Ryan Higa. We have been thinking of doing this since 6th grade, so finally doing it feels really rewarding to finally follow through. The story of Nice Guys is really simple: guys treating the girls they're going out with like trash because nice guys finish last. In our music video, we are doing just that. I am going to be with Loren who isn't on our team, but wanted to because she got to dress Hershel up like a girl. By the way in our video Hershel is a girl. Her new name is now Hershelle. Hershelle is partnered with Kynan because Tim didn't want to be with Hershel. So the main thing is that Kynan and I are going to be really mean to our "girls" because nice guys finish last and girls like bad guys nowadays.
In my final project, we had to create fast edited shot sequences. My favorite out of all of them was one of the last sequences where Kynan and I realize what we're doing is wrong. It was cutting back and forth between Kynan and I lip syncing to the song, and ended with a side by side shot of the two of us realizing that being ourselves won't work, and the only way to get girls is to be mean.

In this final project, we showed our best work more so with our personalities on camera rather than in post production. I definitely feel more comfortable on camera than I did in 6th grade, and I feel it's my best acting so far in my life. I definitely feel how much I've improved in the past few years and it will benefit me for the rest of my life. I know how I can improve the way this project went, and I know that this will never be my best work because there will always be more improvement, but there won't be another 2016 to redo. So no, this is not my best work, this is just my best so far. I want to thank you Mr. Sanderl for all that you taught us throughout the years. How to problem solve, how to hold a camera, how to create amazing things, how to go from good to great.

The lyrics we used:

I never open a door or pull out a chair
You can tell me how your day was but I don’t really care And if you ever get cold, you’ll just have to hack it
Cause I’d be cold too if I gave you my jacket

Like whoa!
You ain’t sitting up front
Front is for the homies, you can sit in the trunk
I never answer my phone whenever you call it
And when the waiter brings the bill
I never reach for my wallet

Nice guys finish last that’s why I’ll treat you like trash
It’s not what I really want to do
But you only date bad guys so I’ll give you my best try
To treat you the way you want me to

And Imma beat you in every competition
Going out with the girls, you better get my permission
Wait no! I take that back, you can’t go
House is on tonight and that’s my favorite show

"Do I look fat in this dress?"
Hell yeah! You do!
Wait let me speak your language
Cows go mooo, mooo, mooo, mooo, mooo

Nice guys finish last that’s why I’ll treat you like trash
It’s not what I really want to do
Oh.. You only date bad guys so I’ll give you my best try
To treat you the way you want me to

But behind the scenes, she means the world to me
I wanna tell her that she’s beautiful
And show her that she’s loved
Hold her hand when she’s scared
Tell her how much I care
But that won’t win her heart because…

Nice guys finish last that’s why I’ll treat you like trash
Not what I really want to do
Oh.. You only date bad guys so I’ll give you my best try
To treat you the way you want me to

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Character Development

For this project we are going to use the puppet warp tool to warp our bodies in order to create an animation. Our own bodies will be turned into a character which will develop as the animation goes on. We will base the development on our own personality traits and imperfections. I plan my character to be a funny, smart, and cool. However, one thing that I will make my character be is lazy because I'm pretty lazy. I also want my character to portray how stubborn I am, because  I think I can make that turn into comedy really easily.

When I animate myself, I will make my personal flaws turn into positive ones. For instance, when I animate myself to be really lazy, I'll invent something to make my life easier. That will make me look smart. When I act stubborn, I'll make it so it's really funny when I'm being stubborn. So basically, I will make everything two traits in one animation. While that makes my overall animation shorter, I think that the overall quality of my work will be high. The only thing that doesn't pair up with another trait is myself being cool. However, I took all my pictures with shades on so I'll look pretty cool throughout the entire piece.

For this project we were introduced to the puppet warp tool, which wasn't the hardest thing to learn. We used the puppet warp tool to warp a cutout of ourselves to our liking. We then animated ourselves to do what we wanted and then we made into a .GIF. I personally think that this type of animation isn't as good because the character (me) gets distorted and it looks unrealistic overall. This was the best thing we had to actually animating ourselves, but it just doesn't look realistic unless you're Mr. Fantastic. I however, do like my .GIF, mostly because I made it, and because I made it look really fluent.

Friday, March 11, 2016

.MOV Film Festival

For this project my team and I are creating a sitcom about how people typically stereotype Hawaii. Our keywords are "Friends Stereotype Hawaii". Those words are going to tie into the story because Three of us: myself, Hershel, and Tim are going to be making fun of Kynan because he's from Hawaii. So as "nonlocals" we stereotype Hawaii like crazy, and this eventually angers him to the point where he rages out and explains how there are normal things in Hawaii, and it's not this third world country. Towards the end where he rages, he learns to educate people to get them to stop stereotyping. Our story relates to others because others around the world stereotype each other so often that it has become the norm. However, people still get offended from others stereotyping. I hope our video will help others deal with stereotyping.

Like I said previously the challenge that Kynan's character has to overcome is how to deal with people who stereotype. He learns the only way to deal with them is to inform them about how where he comes from isn't what they think it is. The friends also learn to not make fun of someone just because they come from a certain place.

While we were filming, my team dealt with a surplus of challenges that we had to overcome. For instance,  we had to use Hershel's sister's camera because we were used to those kinds of cameras more. However, that was not the biggest challenge we had to face. The battery ran out, and there was no camera charger. SO, Hershel's mom had to drive out to Kealia to go get a charger from Mr. Sanderl. Since we had to wait for the charger to get to the house, and wait for the battery to charge, we had to call it there. Luckily, we planned to sleepover and film in the morning. So we got up, and as soon as the lighting was right, we filmed the rest of the scenes.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Tiny Spherical Worlds

This project is another throwback to sixth grade with spherical panoramas. For the project, we have to take multiple pictures to gat that panoramic effect. These multiple images will come together to become a composite image. We use composite images because sometimes we aren't far enough from a landscape to get the full image we want. So, we take multiple images to get the whole picture. However, if you are far enough away to get the whole image, you might not get all the details you might want to get.

Our main focus for this photo assignment, is to create two different types of panoramas. The two are actually very similar to each other. The main difference being one looks like a planet with the sky on the outside of the planet. On the other hand, the spherical is more of a warped perspective and has the sky in the middle of the image. The two by themselves are a creative and innovative way to Photoshop a panorama when a normal panorama isn't meeting your creative means. However, I prefer the spherical type because it's easier to edit, it looks better to me, and I think it's more creative.

When I took my photos, my main focus was getting the horizon lines looking similar throughout each picture. I did this to make my editing easier. It makes thing easier because once you warp the image, any unequal ground on the sides of your image will stand out. That is not good. If that happens you have to go in with your stamp tool and have fun with that. That's the main thing I do to make my "worlds" look realistic.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Hockney Style Joiners

It's a throwback to sixth grade with this project. For this assignment, we are going to create photomontages. Similarly we are studying the famous artist David Hockney. Now Hockney had a particular style when he usually created his photomontages in which he'd make joiners with one or two subjects in a room, and display them with slight movements to add emotion and character to his art. My photomontages are of one subject that I form into my own view of the subject. For instance, in sixth grade I made a photomontage of a tree. Just a simple tree. However, I reshaped the tree into what I thought the tree should have looked like.

For the project, we are required to take a bunch of photos, and our pictures can either make our final product meaningful, emotional, or bland. Images can make a very powerful impact on your emotional state. Because of this there are images that can send positive and negative messages. The most basic positive image that sends a positive message is an image of the peace sign. Like the name says, it represents peace and tranquillity. Some other categories of images that send a positive messages that I can think of are "Before & After" pictures, people on top of mountains, and sunsets. The first two out of the three types of images that I stated all encourage people to live healthy lives and stay active. Sunset images represent positivity because, it shows the world in one of its most beautiful states. On the other hand there are some images that send negative messages to the people that see them. Those four kinds of images that I said were positive could be interpreted as negative, and are all MY opinion.  It's up to you to differentiate each kind into what you think is positive and negative.

For my final piece, I want the main message to be simple. I just want people to feel warm inside because it's a fire. It's a thing that I want others to feel because whenever I'm around a fire, I remember all the good things that are associated with it. I want it to be simple because I want everyone who sees it, to understand what it represents. So, I took pictures of fire: one of the most simple and beautiful things to me. I could go into how fire is simple at first glance, but is really complicated when you get to know it. However, I just want the message to be "A warm Fire"... that's it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 Aspirations

So after a short and kinda boring winter break, I am back to produce new media in 2016. Five goals that I wish to attain this year are to finish this school year with at least one 4.0 GPA for the quarter report cards, to get a new phone, get all the classes I want for my freshman year in high school, take a school portrait that I like, and to get first place in the dodgeball tournament over this summer.

I feel like the most important goal I want to happen is to get all the classes I want for my freshman year. I say this because that will impact me more in the long run. For instance, the 4.0 GPA will only affect me for like a week. Getting a new phone would be awesome...until the new iPhone comes out. Taking a good school picture would only be to have proof that I can take a good picture, and winning the dodgeball tournament would only be for bragging rights. Going back to good class selection, if I get poor classes it will affect my entire future. If I have one class on one side of campus, and the next on the complete opposite side of campus, I'll end up being late to that class a lot, which could affect my grade for that class. Then the whole butterfly effect for dropping your pen during a test would happen.

To ensure I get the classes I want for my freshman year, I have to turn the registration form in on time. Which I did. To ensure I get a new phone, I'll try to be more responsible and get better grades in the months leading up to my upgrade. The others, I can pretty much do with enough effort.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Scratch Game Design

I made a game. A chase game. For my game, I wanted everything to be moving fast instead of the normal games that are pretty slow and not that fast paced. I also wanted it to be really hard to win as well, so everyone who first plays it will hopefully lose, and ultimately play it because they are motivated to win. I made it so the ghost ran exactly at the same speed as the red blob. I also made it so you could only mess up a certain amount of times to actually win. After I made my friends play it, I knew it was exactly how I wanted it to be.

I made three games in total,  but there were some key differences that made each individual game special. The chase game was the fastest paced was the chase game and is the first one I made. It is also probably the hardest one to beat solely because it's as fast as it is. My platformer is probably the black sheep out of the bunch due to the fact that it had the most bugs. However, it did run pretty smoothly, and probably more so than most. Some of the bugs were the fact that you could jump mid air as much times as you wanted to, and the fact that you could jump through the black platforms. For the freedom game I made a pong game that I'm proud of because it runs really smooth and doesn't have that much bugs because it's a pong game.

My best code was in the platformer game which was my gravity engine. I think that it's my best because it worked pretty much exactly how I wanted it to. On the other hand, it was very buggy at first, and my sprite didn't drop for some reason. So I figured out it was because I was using positive integers instead of negative: which make it drop. The next thing I did was basically put negatives in front of the integers that needed to be negative